Paul Margolin is a consulting astrologer and conducts readings in Byron Bay and in Sydney by appointment. Paul combines Western Astrology with ancient Vedic Astrology in his readings and uses a unique method of incorporating very different forms to give a very comprehensive and deep interpretation of the birth chart, life cycles and future transits.

Paul sees the birth chart as the Soul's roadmap in this lifetime and is able to give some direction and insight into your own unique journey. The chart can give us a clear idea of ones potential and a possible time frame as well. Astrology is an amazing tool of understanding and one that can help us all to "fine tune" how we navigate our life’s path.

Each reading takes roughly 2 hours. There is another shorter transit reading which takes around an hour and concentrates on present astral conditions and immediate future transits coming up in the chart for the individual.

 He also offers a huge variety of written reports on nearly every aspect of our charts and of our lives at any particular time. From full interpretation of natal charts, compatibility, monthly and yearly reports, relocation and many others.

Paul is also an experienced Flamenco guitarist with over 50 years experience . Paul has performed all over the country and had studied in the south of Spain for many years.
There are many videos of Paul playing in his band "Passion Flamenca" on You Tube

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